CarbonForest -program

The CarbonForest -program is a package tailored for forest owners, where the forest owner receives income from the long-term increase of the forest’s carbon stock. At the same time, you support the maintenance of forest biodiversity.

One of the most effective ways to curb climate change is to reduce the amount of carbon and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and keep it stored in long-term growing stocks.

The CarbonForest -program has been created to strengthen carbon sinks that control global warming in Finnish forests, making it profitable for forest owners. The forest effectively sequesters carbon and stores it for a long time. Joining the CarbonForest program is through a 20-year contract. With the help of the CarbonForest -program, it is profitable for forest owners to strengthen and maintain the forest’s efficient carbon sinks and carbon stocks in Finland.


Increasing forest carbon stocks also has other positive effects. An larger amount of timber per hectare also has positive effects on the forest ecosystem, diversity, recreational use of forests and timber production.

With the help of the CarbonForest -program, carbon stocks are created in Finland for a long time, when they are of the greatest importance for curbing climate change. At the same time, the forest continues to act as an efficient carbon sink. The more carbon we sequester into forests, the less we will have to remove carbon from the atmosphere in other ways, and the more likely we are to achieve commonly agreed climate goals.